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Arica is the owner, designer and maker behind Skeinsnsticks Designs ~ established in 2017, She's super passionate about #yarnwear, all of the fiber arts and anything DIY. She loves mixing her love of fashion and yarn to create fabulous garments and accessories.

Click the photo to visit my Amazon Store to see some of the tools I use when creating - hooks, knitting needles, lighting, etc.

Crochet for Beginners Book

In 2022, I released my first book - Crochet for Beginners. It is a fantastic book for those who have never held a crochet hook and for those who have been 'hooking' yarn for many, many years. 

What sets Crochet for Beginners apart from other crochet books:

  • The basics of crochet—Learn the different types of hooks and yarn, essential and nice-to-have tools, and explanations of important crochet terms.

  • Skill-building stitches—Start with the most basic stitches and work your way up to more intricate ones as you learn techniques like following a pattern, joining pieces, changing colors, and more.

  • 10 beginner projects—Put everything you learn into practice with simple and beautiful projects, including a beanie, a crochet tool holder, a circle bag, and a blanket.


Develop your crochet skills with this beginner-friendly guide to success.

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