the Who behind the What

Arica is the owner, designer and maker behind Skeinsnsticks Designs ~ established in 2017, She's super passionate about #yarnwear, all of the fiber arts and anything DIY. She loves mixing her love of fashion and yarn to create fabulous garments for you and yours!

Skeinsnsticks Designs owner and maker
Handmade wardrobe, yarnwear, fashion design

Skeinsnsticks Designs is all about creating stylish, on-trend, and quality handmade yarnwear for all shapes, sizes and ages. Get yours today!

One of Arica's other passions is the fermented grape! She enjoys discovering new blends and varietals and sipping old favorties. She shares her love with you in the Stitch This, Sip This weekly blog series. 

Crochet and knit. Skeinsnsticks Designs creates patterns for the makers With your one-of-kind Skeinsnsticks Design, you are sure to look and feel FABULOUS!

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