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Traveling Knit Afghan 2021 Border Pattern

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

For those of you playing along with us this year and working the 2021 traveling afghan this post brings the border pattern (just in case you can not get to Instagram to view it). Our border designer is Christie Bodden of Christie Bodden Designs.


Lion Brand It Feels Like Butta in #108 Dusty Blue

US 7 (4.5mm) knitting needles (I used circular needles with a 32 inch (80cm) cord - but feel free to use a longer cord or attach two cords together)

Top Border

With RS facing up, start at the upper right hand corner of the blanket and pick up and knit 210 sts along the top of the blanket. Because every square is of a different stitch pattern and count, you do not necessarily need to pick up each and every stitch. On average, pick up 70 sts per each of the squares along the top edge of the blanket. Do not join your work as you will be knitting flat, back and forth.

Row 1 - knit to the end of the row.

Rows 2-8 Repeat row 1

Loosely Bind Off

Bottom Border

Repeat as in the top border.

Left Side Border

With RS facing up, start at the upper left hand corner of the blanket and pick up sts along the left side of the blanket. On average, you will pick up 5 sts from the top border, 70 sts for each of the squares and another 5 sts from the bottom border.

Rep rows 1 - 8 as in the Top Border instructions.

Right Side Border

Repeat as in the left side border

And voila!

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