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Yarnwear Fashion Show ~ lessons learned

Skeinsnsticks Designs has long wanted to put on a virtual fashion show to show off it newest designs and was finally able to realize that dream, Sunday September 10, 2017. It was a great show and I learned so much and thought I would share with all you other yarnies, ya know, in case you wanted to showcase your work via a mini fashion show.

the Charlotte

Our first fashion show was live streamed on Facebook and can be viewed below.

So let's get into the lessons learned:

1. Do plan in advance ~ you want the show to be worth waiting for and worth watching, so plan to have at least four pieces (and if you are presenting accessories aim for 10 pieces).

2. Do ask for help ~ whether it is a group of friends willing to model your pieces, a friend willing to help your pieces come to life by assisting with the making, someone to help at the show, someone to help plan music, someone to help find the perfect location, someone to film and photograph the event.

3. Do advertise ~ Utilize your social media outlets to advertise your fashion event at least one week before your scheduled date. Then post about it daily until the event, this will seem strange (at least it does to me - posting about the same thing day in and day out - but do it)

4. Do live stream ~ whether by Facebook or Instagram, live stream is the way to go! I went the Facebook route because your live stream may be saved for future views on your page while IG will get rid of your live stream after 24 hours.

5. Make sure you complete all your pieces before you schedule the fashion show date! ~ I scheduled the date before I was completely finished with all the pieces and spent the two weeks before the fashion show living like a maniac without sleep and developing a huge dependence on caffeine.

These are my five big takeaways from putting on my own yarnwear fashion show. If you are considering a fashion show for your yarnwear, I say DO IT. it is fun and a totally different and unique way of spreading the word about your work!

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