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Fashion ain't...

Yes, it has been said and it is true. So if you are in this business and you don't have thick skin, you better get some or your days will be few. Because . . .

Michael Kors quote "Fashion is not..."

Why do I mention this? Well, because if you are in the business of fashion, in any form, then it is something you must remember. Ok, but why mention this today? I mention this today because an interview I did with the lovely and talented Vone Kevits of Vone Knits and on Facebook the Dare to Be Original Group, went live today. I watched it and realized that I talk a great deal about being secure within yourself, your capabilities and what you offer. WITH SOBER JUDGMENT, of course. Because confidence in yourself does not mean that you have blinders on to any and all criticism - take the constructive. But be confident that in a sea of everyone else and much of the same, YOU, you are different and unique and YOU, you have something to offer that NO ONE else does. Even if what you have to offer is not for everyone. What you do will not be for everyone, is just will not. Become ok with that and continue on to do you.

Do not let your creative energy be stifled by all the noise of fear, self-doubt, etc. Just create, wash out all the noise and create the best version of what you need to say, what you need to express... I can go on an on, but really it is all said in the interview (remember the interview, ah yes!) in this interview I talked about fear, confidence and basically the art of self-appreciation. We all need some appreciation, right?! Watch the video here:

It is important that you know there is someone, somewhere that celebrates and roots for you, even though I've never met you, bc I root for those that dare to step outside themselves all in the cause of doing something great - adding beauty to this world of ours, one stitch at a time, whether it be by sewing need, hook or knitting needles! Create on!

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