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You Need These - Book Review of Complete Crochet Course and Vogue Knitting

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

I am constantly looking for ways to "level up" in both my personal and business life ~ whether it is looking up how to best handle a two-year old phase of waking up bright-eyed and bushy tailed every frinkin' morning at 4am no matter when she is put to sleep the night before or ways to knit and crochet more efficiently and effectively. Earlier in the year, I got myself copies of Vogue Knitting and the Complete Crochet Course,

Since that time I have leveled up in creating, what I think are the best, crochet buttonholes to overcoming my fear of lace knitting as well as just plain replanting myself in the basics from S-twist vs. Z-twist yarn to different ways of holding needles and hooks.

Learn to knit

I just really love learning about the craft, my library is filled with books including sewing, crochet, knit, and pattern drafting basics to advanced techniques. Cool thing is that these things all all come together to create magic and I often try my best to achieve that in my designing. So these books, why are they so great?

Complete Crochet Course

This book claims to be created for the newbie of newbies crocheter to those with much more experience. And, I have to say, I really think Shannon and Jason really achieved what they set out to do. From very detailed instructions as to the "anatomy of a crochet hook" to working "Drape Front Cardigan", they got you! One of my favorite sections in the book is that of the Foundation Stitches. If you have ever worked any of my patterns, you know that I pretty much exclusively use foundation stitches (unless there is a very practical design reason as to why I should not employ foundation stitches) and one of the first things I am often asked to do in test groups or in my pattern support group is to demo how to do foundation stitches.

So, this section is definitely worth the price of the book alone, for many crocheters. And the price, right now is pretty great. Using my affiliate link (and if you have Kindle) you can get the book for 12 bucks, here. Ya' can't beat that price with a stick. What about nice crisp crochet edges as you work (before blocking)? This book will show you that skill too - and trust me, even for some of the most seasoned crocheters - this is a much needed to learn skill. What this book does in taking you from, 'this is a crochet hook' to several written patterns where you are able to put into practice all that you were just taught. You'll walk away from this book with a deeper understanding of crochet AND a cardigan! My vote, get this book - if you have Kindle, OMG, 12 bucks is a steal for the wealth of knowledge in this book (and think of it this way, 12 bucks is 2 days maybe three days of Starbucks). The book is still a great price in hardcover at $27. SO, "Treat Yo'Self" (Parks and Rec, anyone?) and pick up a copy.

As for hooks, you can get the Clover Amour set, normally like $76 or something for under $35 bucks (I know SO MANY crocheters waiting for this price drop!), and I love a good deal - so I am sharing them with you!

This. Book. Right. Here! Another one to have in your library of being a better 'yarnist'. Even if you do not knit (yet) you gotta get this book. One of my favorite things about this book is the goal behind the updates and revisions.

Vogue Knitting

With the rapid fire interest of many in the fiber arts in part due to the internet as something really fun, worthwhile and satisfying to do, many new developments have occurred in the over 3 decades since the original Vogue Knitting Book.

This edition respects and highlights those changes and attempts to make the world of knitting accessible to everyone! It is a methodical step by step instructional in everything. And the design section is just tops. I would say the design section alone is worth the cost of this book! I mean from the conceptual process of designing a sweater to planning yarn to buttons and lining. (I recently posted about lining, I LOVE it and wish there were more about there about it in knit and crochet wear.. so much so that I am planning some blog posting instructionals about it.) SO I WAS SO HAPPY to see this! Many folks ask about designing and how to design and where to start.... this book , period. Complete crochet course, period. Both of these books are great resources for those looking to jump into the #yarnwear design arena. So, invest in yourself! This book worth your hard earned money that you would normally use for the much needed Starbucks run, If you can, do it!!

So that's that, my review of these two, dare I say, essential books for both knitters and crocheters! Get them, read them, show them to your yarny friends. They will definitely 'up your yarn game'! :0) I am all about upping the yarn game!

If you care to know, what's in my glass is a lovely Norton varietal (estate grown grapes grown right here in the Delta of Sacramento County at Clarksburg, CA). There is some great history about this grape varietal and apparently,

Northern CA is now pretty much where it hails. I'll have to do another posting on this sometime in the future ~ definitely worth a discussion. The winery is called Heringer Estates. Ya' know I can't leave ya'll without saying something about wine! #wink, Anyway, I hope this review encourages you and inspires you to level up! Until next time, may your Stitches and Sips be plenty! xoxo

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