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Stitch This ~ Sip This; No. 7

Cross stitches and Cabernet

Bringing you another Friday 'wine' down. Huzzah! This week: Cross stitches and Cabernet Sauvignon!

Specifically, the Cross-Over Double Crochet Stitch and Noble Vines 337 Cab. Let's dive right on in and start the discussion with the cross-over double crochet stitch. This stitch is one to use to bring a little 'umph to your textile. What's great about this stitch is that it looks more complicated than it really is and this has been what I am digging most about these Stitch This, Sip This posts - that when stitches are really broken down to the most basic components that we see it's just the basic foundational crochet stitch (in this case the double crochet) just worked a little different (in this case crossed over one another). The concept seems pretty simple, right?

Now, let's get a look at the charted symbol for the cross-over double crochet (another thing I am totally digging is teaching you lovelies, little by little, how to become very comfortable with charted patterns as you continue to become familiar with individual charted stitches)

cross-over double crochet

So, when you see that symbol, what is it that you are supposed to do? Take a look at the photos below.

Unless there is a reason for me NOT to, I start my crocheted projects with a foundation chain, Seen above is my single crochet foundation chain. I think I worked 14 foundation single crochet, but if you've got hook and yarn in hand currently, the amount of foundation stitches isn't too important for this lesson but just make sure you have an even number of foundation stitches worked before moving on to step 2.

Now, for the next step you'll either ch 3 or work a starting linked-dc (which has become my go to starting dc - don't know how to work this stitch, let me know in the comments and I'll do a tutorial on it) Anyway, after that you'll skip the first stitch and work a dc in the next. And here's where most people find the difficulty. Taking another look at the charted symbol above, you will notice the cross stitch is worked from behind. Meaning, after you skip the stitch, work one dc in the next, you'll then yarn over and proceed to work a dc by inserting your hook from back to front into the SPACE (not the stitch) of the skipped stitch. {take a look at the top row last photo on the right and the bottom row first photo on the left]You'll then insert your hook in to the stitch and work a dc behind the dc you just completed. Now, from here you continue to work by repeating the steps: *skipping next st, dc in next, working behind the dc just made, dc in the skipped stitch. You'll get textile that looks similar to the below.