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Stitch This ~ Sip This, No. 8

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Pinot and Puff Stitches

The Friday 'WINE' DOWN!!! Woo-hoo! This week, let's chat the Puff Stitch and Pinot Noir ~ cause, if you didn't know, now you do know, that tomorrow is National Pinot Noir Day. Whoop-whoop.

I am generally not a huge Pinot fan, but I am a WINE fan and this local winery produces some great wines and a pretty decent pinot, enjoyable even by me! And given that Fall is pretty much knocking down our doors ~ I figure, why not discuss puff stitches as they can add some fabulous texture to your Fall crochet projects. I, for one, have been meaning to complete a design for over a year now .... hopefully this Fall will be the time I finally get it done. :o)

Anyhow, the puff stitch ... I give a pretty good run down between puff, popcorn and bobble stitches in a previous blog post which would be found here. The crochet symbol for the particular puff stitch seen in the photo above is the following:

5 Dc Puff

It helps me to think of the individual make up of the puff stitch as a series of double crochet decreases which are made in the SAME stitch ~ so you don't finish any of the dc worked until the very last dc in which you would then pull through the remaining loops on the hook as indicated in the directions below. So, basically you'd be working:

Working in the same stitch, [yarn over (yo), insert hook into indicated stitch, yo, pull up loop, pull through 2 loops] 5 times, yo, pull through first 5 loops on hook, yo, pull through last 2 loops on hook. HOOKS UP, Lovelies, try this out! Get it down!

This is an awesome stitch to add to your repertoire - it will add SO MUCH more 'umph to your projects. Also, notice that the stitch is made by working on the wrong side of the fabric and the wrong side of the fabric will be flat and smooth -- which is a very cool thing. I am SO crushing on this stitch for Fall 2018 makes! Also, this hook which is the Odessey by Furls. It is on sale right now, so check it out here. (there's also blue and red colors to choose from)

So there you go, practice this stitch, perfect this stitch and make some awesome things! Be on the look out for the pattern I will eventually complete using this technique... hopefully very soon! Ok, let's talk wine!!

For all my non-California Stitchers and Sippers ~ I'm sorry by Cali is TOPS for wine!!! I am so excited to get a bit of everything here. Even pinots which find their base in the Burgundy region of France. In fact, "pinot" and "noir" signify "pine" and black" in French!

There are some regions of the world that can mimic the desirable climate pinot noir grapes crave. These are: Willamette Valley of Oregon (Southern Oregon Pinots; YES, PLEASE!!! Also, another reason why Cali is awesome.... at least for me here in NorCal, it is only a few hours drive away from yummy Pinots!); In California we have the Russian River region of California ~ which is great for most anything!!!

Great Pinots can also be found in the Carneros, Central Coast and the Elgin regions of South Africa, in the South and some some Central regions of Australia; also, the Marlborough region of New Zealand. So, there are may choices. But realize that the choices are very focused choices.

It is said that Pinots are difficult to cultivate and produce. Why? Well, the grape is just so temperamental as they grow in tight compact clusters which makes them susceptible to combined rot and other damaging situations because they are kinda of a "we're in this together" type of grape. So, if one is affected by something, generally many clusters are lost, and that's a pity because we need the grapes to make wine! So the perfect climate, soil and other situations are needed. This is why when a winery outside the regions listed above produces an enjoyable Pinot Noir, it is to be applauded and drank in copious amounts :-D

Lodi, California is pretty much a stone's throw away from Sacramento. In Lodi, there is a winery that's been around since 1934 which makes it the oldest operating winery in Lodi. (it has also been recently renovated) The tasting room is a ginormous Redwood wine barrel (or tank) - it is actually pretty frinkin' cool. If you are ever in this part of this vast world, make sure you give it a visit. They have tried their hand at a Pinot, the 2015 Oak Ridge Delta Ranch Pinot Noir. It is a pretty good sipping wine.

My notes on this Pinot: if you want a suitable, chilling out and sipping weekday wine, go for it - won't be disappointed. Right out of the bottle I got a blast of a strong minty aroma (to be honest almost like a Bengay smell) but this dissipated with time. On the tongue there was deep berry (almost jammy) forward with a smooth finish.

This weekend, be sure to celebrate Pinots by filling your glass with a lovely Pinot Noir. Also, trend Fall 2018 crochet fashion by learning and working the puff stitch and make awesome things. Until net week, may your stitches and sips be plenty. xoxo

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