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Circles Around You - The Cowl

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Want a fun and interesting project - always, right! The Circles Around You Cowl is a fairly quick work up with a stunning result!

I didn't have this result in mind when I cast on the first stitches. Initially I thought, this is beautiful yarn (and it is - find it here ) ~ I need to make something with it now! So I started stitching and then thought, cowl!

But this cowl is different than most as it is worked in flat stranded colorwork in two panels then seamed together. This was organic - as I started working I started to wonder how the pattern would look if I inverted the colors. This lead to idea of having the colors inverted on the other side (thus 2 panels) - I LOVE IT!!

I think you'll love it too - so I am offering it for free (at least for right now *winky face) - so here it is ~ the pattern for the Circles Around You Cowl - knit version.... because you know me, I had to make a crochet sister piece too - She's almost complete! If you are a #knitterwhocrochets or a #crocheterwhoknits - be on the look out for the Circles Around You - crochet version! YAY! She's just as lovely as her sister! :)

Yarn: Knit Picks Muse, Aran weight; 114 yds/100 grams; 100% Superwash Merino Wool; C1: Honor Tonal C2: Gregarious Speckle; one hank each – 2 hanks total required.

Needle: US 10/6.0mm Straight or circular

Gauge: 20 sts and 22 rows = 4”(10cm) in stitch pattern, blocked.

Always check for gauge and use whichever needle works best for you!

Notes: Pattern is worked flat in 2 panels (as the colors alternate) then seamed together.

Because the pattern is worked flat, all even rows are read from left to right.

Also, remember there are 2 selvage sts at each side and those stitches are worked with C1 - I recommend using stitch markers at the first two stitches and last 2 sts as a reminder to yourself.


With C1; CO 60 (28 st rep (x2) with 2 selvage sts on either side)

Bottom border:

Row 1 – 6: Knit

Main pattern:

Row 1 – 44: Keeping the selvage sts in C1, work as per chart. (C1 will be worked as black squares indicate. You will work Row 1-22 twice)

Top border:

Row 1 – 7: Knit

Bind off. Block.

Exchange C1 for C2 and repeat instructions above for the second panel.

Seam panels together at short end on each side.

Et Voila! If you would like a clean (no ad) pdf of this pattern - it will be made available for $1 in my shop.

In the meantime - here's a sneak peek of the crochet version

Thanks, Lovies for keeping me exploring yarny techniques and skills. I love it so very much! Until next time - May your stitches and sips be plentiful!

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