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Stitch This ~ Sip This, No. 1

Tempranillo and Simply Summer Lace Tank

The Friday "wine"-down is here! Let's talk stitches and sips.

Yesterday, I was out at one of Sacramento's amazing farmer's markets. (Can I just insert here how awesome it is to live in California in the summer!)

Anyhow, I happened to be at the market with another talented maker. Between the avocado and cherry stands, I noticed a tent for a local winery~ I made a b-line to that tent. Ha!

After several minutes I realized that while I gabbed and gabbed about different wine varietals with the attendant, the other maker was just standing there being very polite but not interested in the conversation at the level at which I was. So, I apologized and said, "My love of wine is on par with my love of yarn." To that she responded something of the effect that she doesn't know anything about wine but she does know what it means to love yarn and expressed that I must then love wine very, very much! I do! So, here I am discussing two of my passions.

I figure this will be a blog series which guide you from whatever type of week you are having into a relaxing, fun, deliciois, and interesting weekend. For me, hanging out with a wine glass in hand and yarn (with either a hook or needles) in the other is one of my most favorite things - my happy place! So if you have a similar happy place, let's be happy together! Happy Friday! Grab a glass and some skeinsnsticks!

For the past two weeks most of my stitching has been working the Simply Summer Tank. This crocheted garment is worked in open crochet or mesh crochet. Open crochet is when your stitch combinations are worked in such a way as to "intentional spaces" - often times spaces which form some sort of shape or design. I've been very into triangles so my latest design is all about triangles.

Simply Summer Tank

I got to working on this because I have always wanted to try Scheepjes Whirl, so one day I picked up a ball and started working and came up with this. The way the color gradients work together in this specific colorway is just awesome. The colorway is called Rosewater Cocktail.

And what's also great about the Whirl is the amount of yardage it has. HOLY MOLEY, I actually decided that I could make a little vest to go with the tank and I STILL have yarn left.

The back of this vest-ette features a single large triangle (of course) to show it's relation to the tank. :-) It is a very fun, cute and summery pattern and I cannot wait to get the pattern out and start to see wips from other makers!

Info on the Scheepjes Whirl:

Fiber Content: 60% Cotton/ 40% Acrylic

Weight: Fingering, Sock

Weight/Yardage: 225g/1094yds

Care: Machine Wash Cold, Dry Flat

So, at over $25 bucks per ball you may think; "ummm, no!" but to get two; and maybe a third item from only one ball, well, I would say that it worth it. If you live in the States, you can find Scheepjes Whirl here (this is not an affiliate link where I make any sort of commission, this is just for information sake, fyi); there is also an international online yarn store where you can find it. (also not an affiliate link)

Let's talk wine

Do you enjoy a Tempranillo red? (fyi "temp-rah-nee-yo") I do!

Don't know what a Tempranillo red is? Okay Let me tell ya!

Tempranillo is a grape variety that is grown in Spain. The name actually comes from the Spanish word 'temprano', which is translated as early. The Tempranillo grape ripens several weeks earlier than most Spanish red grapes - thus its name! I love learning the history behind the things I adore!

Tempranillo reds are generally full-bodied and the grapes grown in the United States tend to also lend red fruit like characteristics. The finish is typically smooth and lingers with the taste of tannin on both sides of your mouth. I LOVE tannins! Give me full-bodied, rich in tannins any day - I am generally a big cab kinda gal but because of the characteristics of tempranillo ~ it is quickly becoming a fav of mine. So if you are more of a sweet wine person that has less of an acidity feel; this one isn't for you. But still, grab a glass of something you enjoy to go with your yarning.

A side note and 100% affiliate linking ;-) My world of wines started expanding when I subscribed to a wine box thing. (I was all about that Pink Moscato and Riesling and ONLY those two!) So, years ago when wine boxes were becoming more and more of the thing, I signed up for one. If you are anything like my husband you are thinking, "why, why would I subscribe to a wine box, too expensive and do I even drink that much wine". My answer to him and now to you is that with a wine box you don't have to stand in the store aisle, looking and looking and finally settling on a pretty label rather than somewhat of an idea of what the vine varietal will taste like. And with the box you'll likely be exposed to varietals you had never or would never consider and then be pleasantly surprised. So WINC is a wine box subscription and currently has a deal, four bottles for $40. So at 10 bucks a bottle (less than what you would pay at Bevmo) why not give it a try? OH and also this, I LOVE this wine aerator - totally look into this. (If you've seen wine photos from me on insta then you have seen this aerator - I use it everyday and it is awesome and super reasonably priced) Okay, sales rant over. :-)

Okay, so with that. I hope tonight or a some point this weekend you can settle down in a comfy space, glass of tempranillo in one hand and a crochet hook in the other. Let me give you the basics of working this triangle patterned crochet mesh: